United States WWII Propaganda

Buy the New Victory Bonds

This image portrays the Germans and Japanese as evil and Americans as angelic. The image of the innocent woman holding her defenseless baby appeals highly to the growing American population. The black claws reaching for the woman and child are identified as Japanese and German through the usage of war symbols. The message sent is that through buying war bonds you are helping to protect the valued women and children of America.  During this time it is very common to see women portrayed as helpless creatures only used for sympathy points to support a stance in the war.

Earlier I analyzed a war bond poster and the war bonds were referred to as “Liberty Bonds” during WWI and now during WWII they are referred to as “Victory Bonds” and advertised as being a new product when in face they are the same thing, and hold the same value. The purpose is to support the war by buying into it and reassuring your financial stability during the war. The difference in using Liberty as opposed to Victory is a large difference and has other meaning behind it as well. “Liberty Bonds” is referring to you are buying the war bond to ensure your freedom, and civil rights. When switched and the term “Victory Bonds” is used it gives a whole other meaning, that you are buying into the war to ensure the United States victory of the Second World War.

One of the techniques used in this poster are glittering generalities, with the usage of the mother and child, especially since they are depicted defenseless and the security of family values is at risk. The technique of the common man or plain folks is also used; the woman appears to be just any average American woman at that time, more then likely meant to represent a woman from a middle class, hard working family, the typical American family that represents the American dream that is in danger from Nazi Germany and the Japanese.

Also the direct order technique is used, meant to simplify the decision making process, by using images and words that tell the audience exactly what to do. “Keep these Hands Away! Buy the New Victory Bonds” straight and to the point. Protect your family and support your country and ensure the victory of the United States, buy purchasing these bonds of course.

Another technique used that was not yet mentioned is obtain disapproval, this technique is used to persuade a target audience to disapprove of an action or idea by suggesting that the idea is popular with groups hated, feared, or held in contempt by the target audience. With this technique the target audience is Americans who support the war, and the disapproved action or idea is the harming of American families, specifically the valued women and children of America while so many American men were fighting in the war. The feared group is the Nazi’s and Japanese, they depict these groups with the war symbols on black claws coming after the American women and children. The purpose of this technique is to make people that are unknown  or on the outside aware of the danger of thus said feared or hated group.


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