Nazi Poster for Poverty

This image is meant to tug at the heart strings of all people that appreciate family values. Only the words “Mother and Child” are relevant, the image is of a woman breastfeeding her child, in the background is the German countryside included a man working on his crops. In the sky is a swastika, almost angelic like, referring to the Nazi government being the answer to end poverty in Germany, especially for the white race, Hitler set out to preserve.

One of the propaganda techniques used in this poster is glittering generalities, where the propagandists employ vague statements, the statement “mother and child” is simple language that is associated with values and beliefs that are held closely to the audience and provides no supporting information or reason. The notion of family values is being used in this image. The idea that children are starving and the only chance of survival is to give to a charity supporting the Nazi government.

Also another technique used that we have not mentioned yet is the Plain Folks technique, propagandists use this approach to convince the audience that the spokesperson is from humble origins; a working class, white, German mother and child, this person is meant to be someone the audience can trust and has their interests at heart, such as stopping starvation and poverty among the German population.

I found that another technique used is the beautiful people technique, which is a type of propaganda that deals with famous people or depicts attractive, happy people. This makes other people think that if they bus a product or follow a certain ideology; they too will be happy or successful. Usually this is used more in advertising products instead of political reasons. Although when I was analyzing the poster I found that since the woman shown is very beautiful, but still appears to be an ordinary person it is ultimately effective to evoke sympathy from the audience.


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